Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver support for people at disadvantage, so they can gain life and employability skills in order to live more independently, strongly and are actively able to contribute to family and community life.

We seek to educate and influence society to remove barriers and create opportunities for those at disadvantage. We also help to build supportive communities for a more inclusive society.


Our Vision

Our vision is for a society in which everyone has the opportunity for employment, inclusion and independence, with the help of our own team and also by building strategic partnership with the Government, NGOs (non-government organizations), SHGs (self help groups), CBOs (community based organizations) and various national and international organizations..


Our Values

We believe in the provision of humanitarian assistance to people wherever, it is needed to relieve suffering and sickness.

Our staff, members and partners are professional people committed to handle all works in the most effective and presentable manner.

We work with people regardless of race, religion or political affiliation, so are considered unbiased.

We believe that partnerships with Iindividuals, Groups, NGOs and Corporates makes us more impactful in all our missions.

Kindness and Transparency:
We believe that help for anyone without a touch of kindness or not done with clarity is worthless, hence we are firm believers of doing things with lot of kindness and transparency.

Innovation and being best in class:
We are also the firm believers of doing a certain work in the most innovative way and also differently, so that it has a quick and best impact.